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The most fulfilling way to live is stepping into YOUR unique light and becoming the woman you WANT to truly be, instead of hiding behind shadows, fears and untrue beliefs!


Get out of your own way from fears, doubts and uncertainties, and empower yourself with self-belief and a willingness to FEEL to create changes, create experiences, and get RESULTS.


I am passionate about supporting women to create the experiences they desire and be inspired into action by working through thoughts and beliefs.


To embark on a journey of self-love and belief in yourself, to release the old stories keeping you suffering or stuck in fears and doubts and discomfort that isn't serving you, and open up experiences within yourself and the world to start LIVING as the woman you want to be, not just glumly surviving yearning for changes you're too stuck or scared to make.


It starts with making a CHOICE.


Say YES to showing up for yourself and begin your empowering journey to love the skin you're in!

take control of



What do you want to be experiencing that currently you are not? What is slowing you down or stopping you from creating these experiences you most desire?


Transformation happens when inspired actions are taken to create new habits and behaviors, shifts made in mindset and self-beliefs, and when you let go of that which no longer serves you.


There is so much beauty, healing, peace and happiness in this!



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I am a Certified Life and Self-love Coach, & Yoga Instructor 

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie for a year. She is such a powerful coach. Julie has a beautiful way about her that is compassionate, direct and encouraging. I truly believe that working with Julie this past year has helped me take more chances, believe in myself and have a clear vision to what I want and what my goals are. I believe she can do the same for other women out there who need support in achieving their dreams.

-Michelle S.

I worked with Julie for 12 weeks and truly enjoyed the coaching process! I learned something during every session and it really opened my eyes to some truths about my habits. I liked that she gave me tools to help change some patterns but always gave me support without judgment. She always had ideas when I came up with struggles and supported my wins. I made some permanent lifestyle changes thanks to Julie and her program. I am so glad I had the experience with Julie and could not recommend her more highly!

-Shannon S.

I had a 12 week coaching program with Julie. It was a beautiful experience and above all, beneficial and rewarding. She helped me to understand that I am powerful and taught me not to allow the circumstance to take it away. I am a stronger woman because of her!

-Jenelle H.

You're beautiful inside and out and an amazing woman. You  have strong intuition and I feel very comfortable opening up and doing this work with you. Working with you has been a gift.


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