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I'm a Certified Holistic Health, Life, and Self-love Coach, and Yoga Instructor RYT-200, based in Traverse City, Michigan. I discovered my passion for coaching a few years ago and started deeply into my own journey of self-love and personal transformations through coaching. This brought me to a more mindful, peaceful, healthier, insightful, healing, and powerful way of living my life and being able to support others to do the same!


I am passionate about supporting people with creating the lifestyle and experiences they desire, embark on a transformational journey of self-love and fully LIVE in their beautiful truth that opens up limitless opportunities and growth!


I support people with taking empowered and intentional actions to cultivate self-love, self-care and personal power, shift mindset, negative beliefs and dissatisfaction, shed weight and release negative self-talk, take charge of emotional eating struggles, release judgment, gain energy and joy...and so much more. 


Living a vibrant, nourished and fulfilling life IS possible and it starts with making the CHOICE to do so, and to say YES to your desires.


Say YES to your soul's calling, and SHOW UP for yourself!


Julie Raborn, CHC

Certified Holistic Health, Life Coach, and Self-love Coach, Yoga Instructor RYT-200

Founder of True To You Wellness By Julie

I fully believe in following my heart and speaking my truth, and in doing so I am being my authentic self that I am meant to be in this life. To live life on purpose and shine bright. It has carried me through to the wonderfully wild, beautiful place I am today with myself, in my relationships and business, and I thrive in knowing I'm always growing and evolving in the greatest ways. 


I share my thoughts, beliefs, feelings and experiences from a place of love and compassion for the woman I've been, the woman I am now and the woman I have yet to beautifully blossom into. I believe my stories heal and let others know they are not alone.


Through life's challenges and celebrations and everything in between, I have learned and evolved from it all, and I remain honest, loving and grateful, for this life is truly a blessing to be cherished.


I pray that my stories gives hope, inspiration and encouragement to anyone who needs it and is searching for it, and the realization that there is far more light than dark in this life, and it is a choice to be in the light...a delightful, loving and fulfilling choice.

The beauty of it's all WITHIN YOU NOW!

Everyone has their own struggles and painful experiences, and they are all unique to each person individually with how it is experienced and felt within them, and that should never be minimized or desensitized.  No matter how big or small a painful experience or challenge may seem to anyone on the outside, a person's experience is their own, and that should be embraced with compassion, kindness and never judgment. This is a deep belief I have and I respect everyone's journey.

A very powerful part of the transformational journey in working with me is that your past is not your now-and I can show you how.


How to live as the unmasked, confident, inspired version of you, and releasing inner turmoil and suffering that has you blocked from the joy and freedom your soul is screaming out for!


For as long as I can remember I have felt my inner goddess hiding deep in the shadows within. I have struggled profoundly with self-loathing, negative and destructive self-talk and self-beliefs, depression, feeling lost and hopeless, terrible sugar and food addiction along with heavy binge eating, constant low energy and fatigue, and a very poor self-image and low self-esteem. I no longer knew who I was looking at in the mirror and that made me even more sad and quite frankly, scared.


I escaped reality with my sugar and food addiction to numb-out and self-medicate. I "checked-out" so I didn't have to fully feel and deal with certain emotions and thoughts. I tried to play along with friends and family that I was all right and overall doing fine, and I covered my sadness and inner pain with humor and self-depreciating jokes, but I was silently suffering and in such desperation. It's been such a deep and lonely pain. I felt so desolate.

I was barely able to get out of bed every day for years on end, ridden with anxiety, high stress, low energy, no motivation, frustrated and spinning out with the inner turmoil. I was in tears most days. It took everything I had to get out of my bed to show up for work just to make money to pay bills and keep a roof over my head-all while lacking joy and fulfillment through each work day.

I felt like such a failure. I didn’t know HOW to ever get out of this deep struggle, to release the fears, sadness, shame and guilt.


I have experienced different types of abuse physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as bullying that all started when I was a young girl, boyfriends having relations with women outside of our relationship, going through toxic friendships, relationships and experiences, the loss of the relationship with the man that I believed was the love of my life and forever partner which devastated me beyond belief and took many long years to heal from, and the deepest pain, grief and horrible heartbreak in losing my brother-my best friend.


I spiraled even deeper into my depression, suffering and emotional eating struggles, and I honestly didn't know if I would ever feel any true happiness again. 


But I KNEW deep inside this was NOT how I was meant to live and that there was so much MORE in this beautiful life for me!


I could no longer choose to let these experiences consume me and derail me from living as the beautiful soul that I truly am. To no longer feel that I am on a leash to this pain and suffering and being dragged along behind it, but rather be free, unleashed and allow love and light to be my lead and where I thrive and shine.


I was in most ways in a victim mentality-unintentionally. I however am not a victim-I am a powerful, loving, kind, compassionate, independent woman who can CHOOSE to write a new story and LIVE in the love and light, not past pain or untruths that I sadly chose to believe.


I had finally realized my power is limitless and I have the power WITHIN ME, not outside of me, to have a harmonious relationship with myself!


To love myself and accept all of my splendid and unique imperfections, because imperfect IS perfect and that is what makes me ME. There is only one unique me and I was created with a purpose, and that is to be celebrated, and I want to LIVE IN THE LIGHT and live my wild, lovely truth without such deep suffering and desolation. 


Enough was enough.


I had to rise above all of this suffering by CHOOSING to live each day on a higher frequency, and though I realized it would take a lot of work and it wouldn't be linear, I also realized it is absolutely the most rewarding and magnificent shift and investment in myself.


Nothing and no one can cure or fill the loss of love I've experienced except for myself by nourishing myself with pure self-love. And without question along with that, Jesus.


I was aware it was time to write a new story because the great news is that I'm the author of my own life; it was far beyond time to write this new story and shift my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors on a core level. All of this led me to a path that had been building inside for many years but it wasn't completely clear until one evening it sparked like fire in my soul and I knew my natural path, my life's true desire, my calling. This calling was to become a Holistic Health, Life Coach and Self-Love Coach.

I felt such a deep feeling of hope, excitement and passion to start my personal journey and transformation of self-love, self-beliefs and the amazing new story to unfold for my life!


And along with that, excitement and passion to help other beautiful souls on their journey to transform their life! There are so many amazing new stories to be written and lived!

I also dived into a dream I always had but never really shared with anyone because I was too fearful of judgment and rejection because I am a curvy woman-I became a yoga instructor. I shied away for many years even doing yoga because I didn't believe I could do it because I wasn't slim and super fit. Until the day I chose to love myself enough to say NO MORE of this untruth and painful self-limiting belief and way of thinking, because I CAN do this, and I WILL.


So it was. 

I love my personal journey of yoga and what's it taught me in mind, body, and soul, and this will always be a fascinating, continued learning process. Learning what my body needs and how to honor it's movement and ability without judgment, gratitude in being able to move my body and feel and breathe through whatever emotions and thoughts come up, and finding a deeper peace and connection with myself and the Universe in ways I never knew before.


I've learned, and continue to learn, adapt and evolve, how to support women who are stuck, overwhelmed, stressed out and busy to transform their bodies, mindset, and self-beliefs on a soul level.


The healing and self-love is so essential and ignites such beautiful and needed shifts in every area of our life. 


After years of passionate interest reading about, as well as myself getting more involved with nutrition, overall wellness, and truly living at a higher frequency, I've realized that it's time to turn this passion into practical knowledge for the real world (aka skills you can use in your everyday life that help you feel more empowered and self-aware, let go of what does not serve you, shed weight and the painful stories, gain energy, reclaim joy and transform your body and mind!).


As I continue on this lovely journey for myself, I've gained incredible tools to guide women to do the same.

It is so exciting and liberating to give myself permission to live the life I want to live, experience what I want to be experiencing, make the choices that best serve me and let go of the ones that don't, to follow my soul and no longer hide in fear of what others think or what society at large wants to mold me into, and to release the pain and suffering I've had since a young girl by wanting to be someone other than who I am.


I love who I am for endless reasons and the freedom and peace that radiates in every cell of my being is priceless. Choosing to invest in myself is without question the greatest and most powerful thing I ever could have done for myself.

I am elated about the journey of transformation that I am on!


It won't always be easy and I will have times that I stumble and fall and that's okay. I welcome it. I will get right back up and make intentional choices that are in alignment with my desires, goals and soul, and be loving, compassionate and gentle with myself along the way.


Obstacles are our teachers and are really detours leading us in the right direction, and life has infinite lessons to be learned.


There isn't failure, only feedback. I am blessed to have such a greater awareness of how to approach situations, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, to have more acceptance, forgiveness and peace. And to know there is always a choice, and that in honoring myself by living as my most authentic, true self is creating my freedom and IS self-love.

It is my passion to support others to write their own new story, live in the light of their truth and love the skin they're in! 

Are you finally ready to step into your light and write your beautiful new story?


Your time is NOW!

With endless love and gratitude,


I worked with Julie for 12 weeks and truly enjoyed the coaching process! I learned something during every session and it really opened my eyes to some truths about my habits. I liked that she gave me tools to help change some patterns but always gave me support without judgment. She always had ideas when I came up with struggles and supported my wins. I made some permanent lifestyle changes thanks to Julie and her program. I am so glad I had the experience with Julie and could not recommend her more highly!

Shannon S.

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie for a year. She is such a powerful coach. Julie has a beautiful way about her that is compassionate, direct and encouraging. I truly believe that working with Julie this past year has helped me take more chances, believe in myself and have a clear vision to what I want and what my goals are. I believe she can do the same for other women out there who need support in achieving their dreams.

-Michelle S.

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