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FEAR-Face Everything And Rise

YES!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป And a super cute mug to boot ๐Ÿ˜‰

It can be scary trying new things, right?

Sure it can. Especially things that keep persisting inside of you that have been pushed aside but they'll keep creeping in and knawing away until they are faced and dealt with head on.

There is only failure in not trying.

I have fears, too. Of course I do, we all do!

But living in fear and allowing that to control our thoughts and actions is holding back our personal power! It diminishes our light! It can feel crippling or drowning inside in doing needed tasks, let alone following our dreams and desires if fear is driving everything!

What is it that is holding you back so much from doing the thing? Whatever thing it is you fear doing?

Fear of judgment? Rejection? Not belonging or feeling inadequate?

What attachment or hold do you have that you feel you could "lose" something or cause disruption in your life if you choose courage to try and move forward, instead of freezing and holding back in fear?

Now, what about thinking what can go WELL by moving forward? And what you can GAIN instead of lose? What doors will this open and new confidence this will build? Shift your thoughts!!

We are complete and beautiful exactly how we were created and the rest is all play!

But somehow we get so tied up in what others want or expect and we turn to external sources for approval, acceptance and validation instead of turning internally where our TRUE power source is.

The most important beliefs and thoughts we have are those we have about OURSELVES, not from anyone else!! Our thoughts and beliefs shape our experiences. Fear begets fear. Let that shit go!

Turn internally to your amazing strength and inner wisdom, and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH โค๏ธ

You CAN face everything and rise by believing in yourself-YOU!-without letting fear hold you back and trampling all over you!

It's a choice. Choice to believe in YOU. Choice to love. Choice to live in the light. Choice that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

#faceeverythingandrise #holistichealthcoach #truetoyouwellnessbyjulie#youareenough

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