What's around the bend?

What’s around the bend? Does the uncertainty scare you or thrill you?

I took a VERY massive leap in a very short period of time into the unknown by selling my home, leaving a terribly draining, stressful job of 19 years and moved away from everything and everyone I’ve ever known. Also while diving into my dream of becoming a yoga instructor.

Scary? Yes. Exciting? Yes! Uncertain? For sure. Worth it? Damn straight!!

Following dreams despite the fears is stepping into my personal power, courageously wild and quite frankly MEANT to be a part of my journey in this wild, beautiful life! 🌈 Why?

Because desires are a compass pointing us toward something we are meant to explore! Desires meant to be experienced on this amazing earth with so much opportunity and adventure!

I am a holistic health and life coach that is passionate to help others experience what they want to be experiencing in life, squash what is holding them back and those damn limiting beliefs, and to love the skin they’re in and to be living in the beautiful light they KNOW they already have inside. UNLEASH IT!!🌟

I’m honored to be of service to those of you that are ready to say YES to yourself and take that step forward, no matter how small, to start living the life you really want to be living! 🌸

I’m ready for you to take that first step with me...are you? ❤️

#squashfear #ditchlimitingbeliefs #seewhatsaroundthebend #selflovecoach

#badassbabebychoice #truetoyouwellnessbyjulie

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