All the feels...and living the life I've always wanted

Reflecting Acknowledging Gratitude and prayer Smiling inside and out Courageous Empowered Beautiful Safe Inspired Forward moving

I was feeling and engaging in all of these tonight, all at the same time at moments. I’ve been on a long, challenging, beautiful, scary, amazing, painful, powerful, perplexing, evolving, wild life.

I’ve been through constant abusive situations at the hands and mouths and looks of others since I was a little girl; I’ve heavily torn out and away from some of this in HUGE ways as of recent as well.

I am not a victim, I do not live in the past, I am not ashamed, I am not defined by the abuse, it isn’t me-I am a divine soul that rises powerfully no matter how many times I’m knocked down.

Every crack the abuse has made on me allows more of my true divine light to shine through, my love and truth, my strength and perseverance, my chance to keep rebuilding and loving myself more deeply and powerfully. For me to no longer tolerate abuse and KNOW there IS another side to all of it, all that I’ve endured and learned from.

It’s in choice where shifts happen because it’s MY life, I’m in charge, and I’m choosing to love myself more than getting pinned down and dragged around by other people’s shit hang-ups, bullying egos, and disgusting destruction. It isn’t mine to own and I don’t want it. It isn’t welcome here.

I want a life of love, joy, laughter, peace, strength and grit, compassion, honesty, success, kindness, grace, beauty, gratitude, deep awareness of self, generosity, growth, excitement, inspiration, healthy challenges and adventures, and SO much more...and I’m DOING IT. I’m living it 🙏🏻

I’m the author of my story and it can be rewritten as much as I desire. If you need help getting to the other side and creating the life you want to experience on YOUR terms, I’m here and we need to talk ❤️❤️❤️ #selflovecoach #choice #selflove #holisticlifeandhealthcoach

#fuckplayingthevictimiampowerful #persistence #believeinyourself

#badassbabebychoice #trustyourself #stepintoyourlight#truetoyouwellnessbyjulie

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