Amongst my happy vibes that I’ve been flowing in so much, there are also waves of not-so-happy vibes that roll in. Obviously-I’m human!!

I felt like some chocolate tonight, and though delicious I felt it turning into a binge, which has always been a battle for mindlessly eat to numb out emotions and thoughts which doesn’t serve me at all and causes a guilt/shame/repeat cycle. That’s a shit show that I’m front and center at in those moments.

Although I’ve come a very long way with this, it still creeps in at times and I have to remember I’m in charge.

Giving myself choice and actually CHOOSING it helps to break that unhealthy, unhappy pattern.

Choosing something that serves me right and truly does make me happy even though it takes some more effort than eating inappropriate amounts of chocolate 🍫, but afterwards I feel great and revived, mentally and emotionally more clear, physically nourished and it’s just a better habit!! Yes? Absolutely 💜

So, the choice has been made and I’m off for an evening walk along the bay. Cheers to making better choices 🥂❤️

#betterchoices #imincharge #selflove #holisticlifeandhealthcoach#selflovecoach #showingupformyself #empowerment#truetoyouwellnessbyjulie

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