Checking in with myself to be mindful and present...

🌊🍒☀️🌊🍒☀️ Putting myself in the way of the beauty on this earth ❤️

Checking in with myself to be MINDFUL and PRESENT.

Present instead of getting swept away with thoughts and feelings of worry, anxiety, and fear because that’s living in the future. As well as not getting tied up in thoughts and feelings that are depressing and quite frankly shitty, in shame, blame or guilt as those are living in the past.

Hard sometimes to find that middle ground? F yes!!

Better, healthier and healing to strive for this middle ground with presence and mindfulness? You bet your peach F YES!! 😘

Need a mega boost with this, with loving support, stretch and accountability with a side of tough love to rock that boat into action??

I’m ready to connect with you to as your coach to rock that boat!! 💥

#feelingverycherry #selflovecoach #holisticlifeandhealthcoach#presentandmindful

#badassbabebychoice #truetoyouwellnessbyjulie

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