Declaring my independence...

What a beautiful day to celebrate!! Happy 4th!!

I am beyond grateful for my independence that has been given to me from all of the amazing, brave souls that gave their absolute everything to make it happen. There will never be enough thank you’s for that ❤️❤️❤️

I am grateful for the hard work on myself that I have dived into heavily the past couple years and knowing it took my whole life to arrive here...releasing and freeing myself from past situations, people and places that were toxic, not serving me well, and things that just aren’t ME. I honor myself in ways I never have before and I’m so proud of myself for finding that love, wisdom and peace INSIDE even though it’s been damn messy and hard as hell...

To have emotional freedom and be my authentic, wild, beautiful self and finally giving zero fucks about what people may think of me because my WHOLE life I let it all hold me back and paralyze stop looking externally for worth and love and knowing it’s ALL INSIDE OF ME...

Thankful that sharing my stories heals our resilient hearts, and being a personal coach for beautiful souls to take them further on their journey for what they desire and to be living in their brilliance 🌟

I even made a smoothie to make today extra fun! A healthy vanilla protein powder, banana, strawberries, mango and almond butter! 😬

God bless America for our freedom, resilience, beauty, grit, heart, determination, courage, bravery, and most of all LOVE ❤️

#highvibe #selflovecoach #holisticlifeandhealthcoach #freedom#badassbabebychoice

#emotionalfreedom #truetoyouwellnessbyjulie

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